School Assembly

Yesterday, we had our second-to-last day of school. Our very last is on Monday!

We went to the auditorium, for the grade level assembly.

The music was on loud, and operated by the band teacher, as always. While we awkwardly sat watching, two of the teachers were up on the stage, moving to the music. Note that I do not say “dancing”. These people do not dance, I tell you.

Ruby was groaning and covering her eyes as they… did that, and Lily and Rose sat there silently, looking disgusted and scarred.

The song choices err not exactly… erm. I’ll leave it at that.

Of course, when Gandam Style came on, the two “dancing” teachers waved Andrew up, and he performed more energetically and enthusiastically than any student has ever been physically able to do that early in the morning.

He wasn’t bad though, I must admit. It was pretty funny to watch. And the other teachers in the audience… their expressions were priceless.

When the song transitioned, the teachers, followed by a few students, started parading around the auditorium, gaining more numbers, as they passed the rows and columns.

After marching around for less than a minute, the line made their way up onto the stage, the start of a catastrophe to our (the people left on the audience…) eyes.

Again, they did not dance. They did not do any form of official dance. Yes, they did jump a lot and wave their arms to the point where mine felt sore just watching.

So… Pretty much everyone was doing that. Except Soren. He was okay at, erm, dancing, although I seldom use that word when describing people from my school…

After the excitement faded, (I prefer not to use the word died, because that greatly describes all other situations) then came the teachers with the awards, but I won’t bore you about that.

When that was over, we all had some free-time and choices. Most chose to go outside in the excruciating heat and sunshine… ll Shivers ll That’s ironic though… 🙂

Some chose to go to certain teacher classrooms. (This was a less popular choice.) For example, Rose, Lily, Ruby, and I went to Ms. French’s classroom, where we (and several others) finished watching the animated movie Hercules, which we had started in English. Of course, others played silent ball.

Once our time was up, we went down to the large cafeteria to get pizza, lemonade or lemon iced tea, and water ice or ice cream.

The cafeteria was packed with seventh graders– those who usually are in the small AND large caf.

The teachers also announced two students from each period class that they felt were exemplary. In this time, us seventh graders heard many times how hard it had been for the teachers to choose, and how great we all were.

It was a lot to go through– 10 people for each teacher. :/ And yep, my head got even worse. I get headaches so often, and trust me, that kind of noise does the exact opposite of heal it.

Students are always ranting about how every year, the teachers say the same thing– that their grade was the best yet. This time though, they seemed at least slightly more sincere. Not joking.

Then came the worst part of the whole day. The pep rally. Two reasons why I hate pep rallies: the noise (people screaming their butts off– yeah that’s a new one) and the amount of people packed so closely together (I’m claustrophobic!!)

The principal talked for a short time, the chorus sung the National Anthem, the cheerleaders chanted and got people even more excited, if possible.

Like usual, we then screeched some words of school spirit, and… need I continue? It’s what you’d expect, probably.

Everyone seemed to be having great fun! Yeah, meanwhile I was suffocating and trying desperately to breathe. Yeah it was just… awesome.

Walking to the bus, I… May or may not have been able to conceal my sparkle, under the schorching sun. Lol any Twilight fans? Err I mean twihards. 😉

So much for being able to breathe once I got outside. :/



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