No. No I live on a planet called Potato. It’s an interesting place where unicorns frolic and fangirls go crazy. Aaaaaaaaaand we all belong in asylums, and would probably go to Tartarus if we died. But we don’t. 😉

♥ City of Randomness ♥

Okay, so, let’s just forget the whole fact that I haven’t even been on this blog for like, 2 months.

Oh, and let’s also forget that I’m quitting this blog…

Because now that it’s summer and I’m bored to death already

I feel like starting over. So, might as well!




I am currently making a to-do list in my head of how to fix this blog up and make it new!

So, what I sincerely HOPE is going to happen is…

1. I will rename this blog to something different (probably not about Fantage).

2. I will change the theme, background, header, etc.

3. I will delete all my older posts (except maybe the edits) and some pages.

4. Convince myself to post ATLEAST once a week.

And now that I have made that mental list, time to talk about moi.

Okay, so, I have some bad…

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