6 blog “hacks” when you dunno what to post



#Post a cutesy picture. Don’t expect all those likes and shares you have been getting lately, though. You are not that good of a photographer. Blurred, out-of-focus pictures aren’t everybody’s cup of tea_err_coffee,you know.

#Cry your eyes out (virtually is preferable) with a heart wrenching tale. We wouldn’t want you to be a blind,bloody mess,now would we?That would be just sad.

#A crappy poem! Doesn’t really work. Just saying. But try, if you may.

#Rant and vent. Might as well entertain people with your non-sensical babble and the sordid details you have been dying to spread around. Some poor soul in need of a bad joke might laugh at your excuse of a life.

#Give stupid tips.
Sounds familar?^
I bet,it does.Sorry for this.
I am really not good at this stuff. I post it, anyway. Something is definitely wrong with me.

#Don’t bloody post. The only alternative with next…

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