Leibster Awards

Fantage Echo

I was nominated by ElysiaRiddle. Click to go to her post.

Fave colors?:

Many… In the greens, blues, and purples. Right now I like periwinkle a lot.
Fave animal?:

SOOOO many, but for now, I’ll just say, um… Hippogriffs. (Who said they had to be real? XD )
Fave foods?:

Er…. Many things. Especially desserts. But I’ll just choose one for right now. Ok, the chocolate truffles we made at camp.
Fave kinds of music?:

Many kinds, especially songs similar to Demons by Imagine Dragons, which is my, um… favorite song of all time. Songs like that. Songs you can totally dance to. //cough//Er not that I’d know anything about that. Heh. Heh. ANYWAYS.
Fave destination?:

OOH! Lothlórien! Rivendell! The rooms of the Argo 2 (there are no Roman numerals, so…)! Camp Half Blood! The Quidditch field! Anywhere that’s not in the Hunger Games arena!

Oh fine…….. My…

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