Top 5 Things I Am Not Looking Forward To In The New School Year

TRUE! I agree with all of them. Especially the drama llamas. xD

All Types Of Cups Of Randomness

It’s Delia!

And for me school is starting in 7 days! Only one week left!

As much as I love school, there are a few things that I just don’t want to deal with.

Here are the top 5 out of all, enjoy!

So Lets. Go, my floaters!

(Just trying that lol I probably won’t say it again)


1) Drama Llamas.

When you go back to school, there will be tons of gossip. And I don’t really like gossip or gossiping, it’s really not cool but most of us end doing it sometime.

But during the summer it’s just like a Drama Storm Surge. And then we all suffer the hurricane(s).

I don’t even like being involved with drama. That’s why I blend in the undiscovered shadows with my uninteresting life (or so they think).

Except now that’s hard since practically everyone knows me as the super smart girl…

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