12 Problems I Have With This School Year

The grade that’s below us always is terribly annoying They always scream on the bus, and have attempted bullying our grade countless times.
When they entered the middle school (last year when I was in 7th grade) they were strutting around the school as if they were royalty. Our grade was laughing so hard at those wannabes, cursing everywhere and pushing classmates, like they were so cool that they do that. HAHAHAH
Everyone was talking about it. They were like, “Omg srsly???? Wowww.” xD

An Eccentric Teen's Point Of View

It’s Delia!

This is a simple list of my problems with my 8th grade school year. I mean, I know it will get better but for now.. here are my issues.


1)The Odd Schedules

Dr. Fehrman has pretty much screwed the new schedules. IT MAKES NO SENSE. Why would we have Walk and Talk on a Monday? You’re going make them more tired from walking around for 30 minutes. Or maybe it will wake up, but knowing what happened last Walk ‘N’ Talk people were so tired after. Having the master schedules on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday also makes absolutely no sense.

2) No more RAM Time

On the same note, WHY? RAM Time was amazing! People got to go to groups like Advanced Orchestra, Do extra credit assignments, finish uncompleted work, go to the library, have other classes, etc. IT WAS AMAZING.

And now it’s gone.


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