Yo! It’s Tuesday. Time for STOTD 2!

Today’s topic is VOLLEYBALL TRYOUTS. 

So, they’re starting today and will go on through to Friday.

Ok, so I’m not that good at volleyball. I haven’t been doing it that long, and don’t get long to practice.

I did some camps and was on a team.

Now, I’m kind of just tired of volleyball. If I don’t make it in, I’m doing track.
Anyways, we did some warm-ups, and then drills. The coach watched us.
Then… We did push ups and sit ups. Everyone groaned about them, but I actually was excited.

This was actually fun.

For 30 seconds, we did push ups. I got 25. I’m mad at myself for not doing better. Like seriously!

Then, we did sit ups for 30 seconds and I got 22. Wooow. I really didn’t do well. :/

Ughhh I so could have done better. But whatever, at least I did better than the other girls, even though the coach never even looked at me. Typical. 😦

But yeah, the push ups and sit ups made me feel a lot better about the first day of tryouts.


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