Why Today Was a GOOD Day. 

Hey guys. I guess this is a School Thing of the Day?

I’m still not sure how exactly I will use this new system/method. I don’t think it has to be exact and perfect though. 

So today (September 15th) I was in a pretty good mood this morning. 

In advisory, I went to ask the band teacher if it was too late to join.

He said no, definitely not- they only had one rehearsal so far this year. 

“Are you joining this year? I get Sapphire back?! YES!!!!” He yelled, actually looking excited. In front of the whole class.

(Sapphire isn’t actually my real name. I’m just using it in place of my name.)

I was pretty surprised by his reaction. I didn’t think I would really matter. 

Anyways, I’m really glad to be back. I’ve always enjoyed being in band- it’s much more fun than only taking private lessons. 

I’m quitting private lessons now, so I won’t be learning much more from now on. 

The second good thing in school today was in math class. 

Everyone from the class before us was saying that everyone did soo bad and got around a 70 on the quiz. 

I even saw people who got an 85% and were so happy and relieved. 

I became really nervous. 

When our class got scores back, the teacher gave me the test with a big 100% on the top.

“Excellent job!” She told me. “Only three people in all the classes got a 100.”

Then after that, we did a cool thing in Creative Writing. We each made our own drawing/chart of things we like and dislike. It’s cooler than it sounds. 

In Inquiry and Design (Tech Ed), we continued our mouse trap cars. More on that later. 



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