Geography STOTD (5)

Today’s School Thing of the Day is about Geography class.

Idk why I’m using totally unrelated memes from my phone as dividers. Maybe it’ll be more interesting?

Tell me what you think, k guys?

Today, a new student, Claire, joined us. She seems pretty cool.

Since I was the only one not sitting next to someone at a table, she is now next to me.

She’s lived here, in Ohio, in England, Spain, and (most recently) China. There might have been other places that I don’t remember. Her dad’s job forced them to move a lot. Her favorite place to live was Spain.

She speaks four languages (and two fluently). She knows a little Chinese, and seems like she knows English well. She can also speak Spanish.

We did this activity in class. We were to search up “What region has the most ____”, to find what region had the most of something we came up with. For example, “Which region has the most rain”.

We each had to do 5 of these and write them down. The regions could be anything we found on the Internet that fit the feature we used. It could be whatever size, from a continent to a city.

Here are some I came up with and searched:

ART- Africa


WIFI- North America (no surprise here lol)


 So yeah. I think that’s the end of this post now.

Remember to comment your opinion on the random memes for dividers!

Thanks for reading! BYEEEE.


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