Student Council

I should really be updating about this kind of stuff more often. :/

I’m using cats for dividers. Don’t judge. Meow.

Anyways, so I’m running for the recording secretary position (person who writes ideas down) of Student Council this year. I’ve never done it before.

Here’s some background information:

  • 6th graders get 3 representatives for Student Council meetings.
  • 7th and 8th graders compete for different roles.
  • We (7th and 8th) record each of our speeches for 6th and 7th graders to vote on.
  • We give them live to 8th graders and they vote in the auditorium.
  • Members will meet every Friday during clubs.

A few examples of roles in Student Council are president, parliamentarian, and treasurer. There are more of course, but whatever.

 Another detail: My posters were the best. Most candidates didn’t put in nearly as much effort. They just printed words out. I actually worked hard on mine.

Who’s running?

  • I really want to get in
  • The two people running against me are 7th graders. (I’m in 8th)
  • One of the girls in running against is REALLY popular. 😦
  • People usually vote for their friends or popular people.

Oh and one candidate for president (who happens to be my most hated enemy) is very likely to win. Why?

  • He’s popular.
  • He used a lot of “humor” in his speech even though we were supposed to keep it to a minimum… therefore everyone’s going to think he’s “cool” or whatever.
  • The best person to be president (in my opinion), is a girl. And you know how it is in this world. Yup…

So yeah. That’s it. Tell me how you liked the cat dividers. 😺



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