Meme of the Day 1 (And Intro)

Yo! I’m going to do a new thing called Meme of the Day that I just came up with right now. What do you think? 😉

After a LOT of these, I might just delete them and make a big post with all of them. Just if there are so many posts about it and it takes up too much room on my blog. 

I might not necessarily post on a perfect daily basis, but that’s okay. When I do post, it’ll probably just be called MOFD for short. 

Also, the pictures will not be just memes. Most are “relatable things”. Some will just be other pictures that are funny and true. I just decided to use meme as the word because it’s easiest. 

Lastly, I will add something about how I can relate to the meme, and what I think of it. 

Enough of my chatter. Let’s get started!


So what do you guys think? Comment below about what you think of this idea and about the above meme!


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