Prison Ball

This is actually from a while ago, but I’m posting it now, so oh well.

In PE class at school, we played prison ball (dodgeball but with prisons for when you get out).

We play it once in a while, and combine with the boys. Sometimes, the health classes join.

All the girls were (as always) awkwardly standing near the back, watching and chatting.

But that wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to actually participate. And so I did.

In the beginning, a bunch of boys were being sexist, which really got me mad and fired up.

“What?!?! Are you kidding me?” I look around. “Am I seriously the only one who’s bothered by this?”

No one answers. The girls don’t even care.

I usually just try to get a basket on the other side (this allows all your teammates to get out of jail).

Since the basket is far, sometimes someone catches it (so I have to go to prison).

My strategy in prison is to follow around the people who our teammates want back in the most.

Then, when they throw the ball, I might be able to grab it and get back in.

And I did pretty well. I got people out, got people in.

Unlike the other girls, I wasn’t afraid of throwing a ball the whole length of the gym to help our team.

And instead, I specifically got a girl out of prison. That’s right.

I also fumed when boys made a sexist comment or asked me for the ball I was going to throw myself. 

Like really, leave me alone. I can and will throw it. And I’ll throw it well, too.


I was able to jump in someone’s way and catch the ball. Typical of me to be playing against my own teammates.

HA!!!!! I thought.

“Sorry.” I said, but I didn’t mean it at all.

“It’s fine. Nice catch!”

At this I almost tripped over myself. What?? He’s being polite? No way!

“Er, thanks.” I mumbled, choking over my words as I ran back to our side.


And then the time when someone saw me trying to get it, and actually gave it to me. 

Did you read that, or do I need to repeat myself?

He actually gave me the ball and told me to go back in!!

I love it when people are this polite and nice. I also can’t stand it. How am I supposed to insult them and prove them wrong? xD

Anyways, it was great. And it was very fun!


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