As I mentioned in an earlier post, I joined the band (in school). It wasn’t a post about just band, so I’m going to paste what I wrote then in here.

Then, I’ll just add more recent updates after it.

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In advisory, I went to ask the band teacher if it was too late to join.

He said no, definitely not- they only had one rehearsal so far this year. 

“Are you joining this year? I get Sapphire back?! YES!!!!” He yelled, actually looking excited. In front of the whole class.

(Sapphire isn’t actually my real name. I’m just using it in place of my name.)

I was pretty surprised by his reaction. I didn’t think I would really matter.

Oh, and I’m sadly quitting private lessons now, so I won’t be learning much more from now on. 

Anyways, I’m really glad to be back. I’ve always enjoyed being in band- it’s much more fun than only taking private lessons. Band is fun for me. Being able to play in a group is so much more interesting than playing by yourself in private lessons. There’s just something about band that makes it so much more enjoyable.

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The band teacher is exactly as I remembered him- loud and crazy- maybe even more so.

Every lesson/rehearsal, he makes several jokes, and sometimes calls us “You crazy kids”.

He has… an interesting personality. That includes a lot of yelling (not in a bad way though) and joking. 

A lot of it is directed to flute players. Like threatening to “pick up the nearest flute player and throw him/her at you”. I suppose that we’re victims because we sit at the front??

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One of our songs is “Africa”. It has a pretty cool flute part.

The teacher often makes us (flutes) do certain parts, for his entertainment. I suppose it’s not too unlike the Hunger Games (except we’re fighting the speed of the music instead of each other). Although some players may snap and start trying to fight him instead. Hm… that would be entertaining to watch.

But honestly, people make a pretty big deal out of it. It’s really not that hard…

Also, when our teacher says it’s very fast and we could die, he means slooow. When he says “concert speed, I don’t even expect you to play it right at all”…. now that’s a little more like it. 😉

Seriously, we never get to play anything quick enough. It’s always incredibly slow.

Blog Divider Music Notes

Tell me what you think, guys.

Do you play an instrument, and if so, what’s it like for you?

How do you like this type of post? How were the dividers? Was it too long?**

Comment below!

**This is one of my biggest doubts when posting. I don’t want it to get too long, or no one wants to read it. Please tell me your opinion on that! It’s really important to me. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Band

  1. It was interesting (I read the whole thing) but probably a bit too long.
    Anyways, I play trumpet at school, and its pretty cool.
    The teacher is funny but I actually don’t know her very well.
    We just sorta do our own thing in music class. Its fun.

    Liked by 1 person

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