Two Snippets from Today

It’s Thursday, October 8th!

I thought I might share some little snippets of my day with you guys! Enjoy!

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Chromebook Madness

So in Science, we were using chromebooks. We each had our own assigned numbers. It got a liiitle crazy.

“There’s no 9!”

“Who has 9? Check your computers.”

“I have 29…”

After a while, we finally figure that part out.

“Wait, but where’s mine then?”

“Who has 11?”

“I have 29…”

“I have 11. I took it because I couldn’t find mine.”

“Who has 14?”

“I have 29…”

After a little more confusion…

“Oops, I have it. It was in the wrong slot.”

Everyone: “It’s all your fault!!!” :O

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Fort Sumter

In social studies class, we are currently learning about the  civil war.

Our teacher was telling us about how the first battle started early in the morning. People woke up to the sounds of the canons firing at Fort Sumter.

One guy in class said, “I’d just be cranky because they woke me up.”

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What did you guys think? I’d love to hear your honest feedback in the comments!



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