Student Council Pt. 2

Hi! I’m going to share the rest of my story/experience about Student Council. (Mainly the results)

You can read my previous post here, if you’d like.

So, I didn’t get in. It was the popular 7th grader. Figures.

(P.S. My posters were the best. Everyone else just printed words.)

No one really seemed to care anyways.

I wish they would tell us how many votes each of us got. I want to know.

So after all this, there were team representative (they’re in Student Council, but don’t have specific jobs) elections.

There would be 4 representatives total.

At the original meeting, only 4 people (including me) showed up.

2 more people said they wanted to come, but they couldn’t because they had something else at Basic.

All of these people were candidates from Student Council.

The teachers said that people who couldn’t come to the meeting would be able to join if they told them the next day.

At the actual election, 10 people appeared on the ballot.

Very few of them were extremely popular, but they did have a bunch of people voting for them.

I thought I had a chance. I’d never even heard of some people on the ballot.

But no. I didn’t get in. Like before, no one really seemed to care.

And again, I wished I could know exactly how many we each recieved.

At the end of the day, my advisory (homeroom) teacher said that it was pretty cool that I was trying out for it. He told me to not give up on these kinds of things, even though I didn’t get in.



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