French Class

Hi guys! Again, I’m just sharing parts of a day. This time, it’s for Tuesday, 10/13/15.


In French class, we were acting out avoir (to have) verbs, for the other students to guess.

One person went up front and wrote “2+2=17” on the board.

It was supposed to be “Tu as tort”: You are wrong.

But no. We were apparently too cool for that.

“Tu as STUPID!!!!!!” Someone called from his desk.

Everyone stayed laughing so hard and long.

It doesn’t seem that funny, but trust me, it was. It was mostly in the way he’d said it.

And another thing from French class.

One person decided to do peur (scared) for a verb. He walked to the front of the room, and screamed.

And I mean screamed. Loud, high, deafening. And I was the closest victim, right in front of him.

He screamed higher-pitched than I can. Believe it or not, sometimes, mine can get fairly manly.


Oh, and then that one time when someone fell off his chair.

Our French class is interesting, that’s for sure. Oui?



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