Mile in PE

We were the first PE class to run the Fall Mile at school.

We ran with the boys, outside at the high school track.

In the beginning, I was in front of all the girls and most of the boys. Eventually, some caught up.

One thing about me and running is that I’m bad at long distances,even only one mile.

I also can’t run well back and forth too much because I have very slow reaction time, and go too far before turning.

I prefer running  laps around a tennis court.

The fastest person in the entire school is in our class. His mile was around 5 minutes and 40 to 50 seconds (idk).

Apparently we got a lot better or the people in my class this year are better.

Last year, the worst time was 12-14 minutes, and this time it was 10-11.

I got 7:51.

I was pretty mad at/disappointed in myself for not sprinting harder in the end and getting a better time.

My friends all say that it’s good, but I don’t think it is.

After running, everyone’s so tired, but I just.. feel so much more alive.

Like I could run another mile- but quicker.

It’s not quite the same as a mile on a treadmill or even through my neighborhood.

It feels great! Especially when the weather is nice. (Nice weather to me is pretty cold for most people. I like colder weather.)

So yeah. It was totally fun. 🙂



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