We’ve had pocket edition on our family iPad for a while. 
I think we’re finally going to get pc version. 

My sister and I wanted it for a while, but our parents thought we’d get way too distracted, and wouldn’t let us get it. 
I do know a lot about it though, because I watch Minecraft youtubers.

I recently started watching Stacy (she has an adorable scream) and Sqaishey (I love her accent). 

I’ve seen a few videos by Stampy (Hello! This is Stampy, and welcome to another Minecraft let’s play video! Today I will be joined by…. Lee Bear!) 

I’ve also seen a couple from The Diamond Minecart (Dr. Trayaurus is awesome!)

No, I do NOT watch pewdiepie. And I’m not going to be cliche and watch him just because everyone does. 🙂

My two favorite Minecraft youtubers of ALL TIME are Pat and Jen. Their channels are PopularMMOS and GamingWithJen. 

They’re so funny and random. You just HAVE to watch them.  Whenever I return to their channels and videos, after watching another series from other channels, it feels like I’m returning home. 

I love them so much, and enjoy their videos, animations, and inside jokes. They are amazing people and you absolutely cannot miss out on their videos. Definitely subscribe; they upload amazing new videos twice a week. 

If you’re into that kind of thing, I have some Minecraft series to suggest.

Stacy and Sqaishey both upload videos of this awesome and hilarious series called Cake Quest. You should totally check it out. 

I like many of Stampy’s videos, and he makes normally tedious building seem very interesting. 

The Diamond Minecart does some great mod review things with Dr. Trayaurus.

On Jen’s channel, I I’ve World of Art. On Pat’s channel, there is an extremely old series called Skyblock. There’s also many awesome seasons in Epic Proportions, and Lucky Block Hunger Games (#Luckyswordfortheow). My favorite series of ALL time would have to be The Crafting Dead. It’s just incredible. 



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