What’s Underneath Your Sweets?

Hey guys. I know some of you go trick-or-treating for candy around your neighborhood for Halloween. I do.

I recently learned that some horrible sickos are putting needles in the candy that they then give to kids. Needles!

My first thought was: It’s horrible!! Why would someone do such a thing? Just to make people suffer? This is not right.

I figure that the police can’t do much about it. How are they to find out who? It’s nearly impossible.

One thing we can do is tell peopleAwareness is key.

So I decided this. I ran to my computer as quickly as possible to warn you:

Be careful of the candy. Break it into pieces before you eat it. Make sure there’s nothing hidden inside the sweet outside.

Tell your friends, everyone. I’m going to tell people at my school.

You know what’s worst? This issue is local. It’s a whole new story when something like this is occurring so near you. Especially when you live in a good area, where these things never happen.

I think our neighborhood is lovely. Everyone is so nice and friendly, so incapable of this kind of thing.

However, there are other neighborhoods around us that may not be so nice.

It’s kind of frightening to think about. Someone putting needles in candy– that innocent little children will be eating.

We may not be able to stop it completely, but we can spread awareness. Tell everyone you know to be cautious of this.


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