Falling and Chicken- 12/3

Today’s 12/3/15, a Thursday.

It’s Sapphire, with another school post.


Lel, I tripped over my shoelace on the staircase and fell so loudly every single person whipped their head around to stare.

A lot of people even asked, “Are you okay, [insert real name here]?” I felt so loved LOL.

Anyways, I fell really hard, and my shin STILL hurts after a several whole hours and classes…

But it was kind of funny, I have to admit.


In Geography, my teacher was talking about the South America test we would have tomorrow, testing the countries on a map.

He said that those who would miss it tomorrow for Menden Hall (more info later) made it up today and did fine.

I raised my hand and said I wouldn’t be here tomorrow either, but I didn’t think I was ready to take it yet.

At this, he put his hands under his arms, flapped his elbows, and imitated a chicken. “Bawk bawkk!”

I couldn’t help laughing, but then quickly protested, “I didn’t study for it yet though!”

I would’ve taken it then, but I hadn’t studied the countries yet at all, and we hadn’t exactly done anything in class to learn about it either.

“I bet teachers don’t usually do that to you, do they?” My teacher asks.

“Nope.” Just the once. I smile.

“I’m just joking with you. You can take it on Monday.”


So, that’s pretty much it! What did you guys think of the length (my main concern of all posts)?

I hope you had the patience to click it and read it all (since most of you use the reader).



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