Senior Center Music Trip

Today I went to the Menden Hall Senior Center to play some Christmas pieces for the seniors. Some people in the band and orchestra were chosen to go, and everyone in vocal and men’s ensemble went.

My sister, Claire, and I both went. I was in band, and she was in vocal ensemble. She would’ve been playing violin with the orchestra, but it was only 7th and 8th grade orchestra and band members.

We were able to go to the first three periods, and went to the auditorium in the last few minutes of third. We would return in time for Basic (which was clubs, since it was Friday).

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We boarded the buses and drove there. It wasn’t too long of a ride, and I was sitting with my friend, Olivia (viviarose). My other friends, Hannah and Madelyn, were in other seats.

We had conversations about a lot of topics… from cheese to tomatoes to siblings. It just seemed so easy to talk that day. Normally, I would awkwardly wonder what to bring up, but then, we had so much to randomly jump to and talk about. It was like that in science, too, with my group.

When we got there, we all unpacked our instruments. Both of the other flute players attending, Rishab and Addyson asked to look off my music because they forgot theirs.

We entered the very large room with beautiful chandeliers. The seniors were seated at tables towards the back of the room. The orchestra was in front, band behind them, vocal and men’s ensemble sitting on the floor on the left side.

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The orchestra went first, playing their concert pieces. One was a small part of Vivaldo Winter. My sister had played the whole thing.

We looked at each other with various facial expressions throughout the three orchestra songs.

Then, the band took some music stands, and we played our very short Christmas songs that I had not practiced much at all. Some seniors sang along. It was a shame I couldn’t properly hear them over us. The little I could hear, however, sounded very lovely.

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Then, the men’s ensemble sang “Here we come a caroling”, the vocal ensemble sang “Hero”, and they sang “Text me Merry Christmas”.

Emilea, Eliza, and Madelyn (my friend from before) were the soloists, and they were awesome! There were mini “acting” parts in “Text me Merry Christmas”.

After that, the band finished with the last short songs.

Then, we gave the seniors the small gifts we had each brought.

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The wait at McDonald’s was extremely long. We had a little under 100 people, and so we filled nearly all of the room.

Unfortunately, I was in the back, and one of the last ones to buy lunch.

I got a fish sandwich with small fries, and sweet hot chocolate! I also ate some of my sister’s ice cream. Yeah, she went a little over the top being able to get whatever she wanted.

It felt really cool to be out eating with friends, and casually talking. And of course, being able to order food myself and sharing fries. It seems like something I’d totally enjoy doing more often.


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