The “Introverted Nerd”

ALERT- This is a rant. I’ll try not to let it get too long.
I guess know I just don’t look like an athletic girl. [To some people. My friends think I am.]

I’d been wearing my hair in a ponytail all the time, since forever, while all the other girls wore their hair down. I’d been doing that way before other girls started putting their hair in ponytails.

According to… um, everyone, when they do that, they look sporty. Mhmm. And all I can ever look is nerdy. Even if I lose the glasses.

I suppose I just can’t seem like that to other people.


Anyways, people think I’m an introvert and not active.

However, I am pretty active and fit.

Seriously, everyone underestimates me.

I’m fast (especially for my height, and how my feet/ankles are weird and weak: long story), and strong (although I may not look like it).

When we do group exercise and other physical activity in our gym class at least, I’m faster and stronger than the other girls.


I’m really not trying to brag, so I am sincerely sorry if I do sound arrogant.
I used to take dance, and it built up my fitness a lot.

It sounds kind of crazy and unbelievable, but it’s true. Dance isn’t just a bunch of twirling, spinning, and girls in gowns.

I took dance very seriously, and the classes I took were also serious.  (I’m saying this because you might think dancing is for babies who flit around in fluffy tutus)

We did an arm exercise a lot in ballet class, which really helped. We also did some ab and leg stuff.

The most intense training we did was on Saturdays, for around 3 hours.

We did cardio workouts and mainly lots of abdominal work. In the beginning of the year, at the end of class, everyone was moaning and sore, but we got so much stronger as it went on.


This sounds bad, but just trust me. I usually try to be modest, but can get defensive and whatever.

I am Asian, wear glasses (sometimes contacts), and am short which is just the absolute worst. I’m not going to go into depth.

I come off as a nerd who loves school.

People who actually know me well find me very capable. Others think otherwise.

It annoys me how I’m always picked last and looked down upon.

This post probably sounded really self-confident and arrogant, but I don’t really care. This isn’t me.

I know I’m better than what everyone thinks of me (Not because I’m awesome or whatever. Simply because they think lowly of me. That I could never even compare with any others.)


Thanks for putting up with and reading my whole rant.



10 thoughts on “The “Introverted Nerd”

  1. I can COMPLETELY relate with you. Honestly, I can’t say I’m good at gym (because I have 0 coordination), but I am Asian (Chinese).
    So whenever people first see me, they always think I’m “smart”. Because I’m Chinese. Then, when they see my grades (which are mostly B’s to be fair) they are surprised because APPARENTLY ALL CHINESE PEOPLE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE GENIUSES.
    They get all disappointed and stuff. Then I feel bad.
    Wow this comment makes no sense.

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    1. I’m perfectly okay with people thinking I’m smart.
      That’s not really what I meant though. They think I’m a nerd and obsessed with school, but don’t think I’m smart. That would be great if they did though…
      I have very bad coordination too, but it’s just that my strength is better than some think

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      1. The thing is, I’d be fine with it if I WAS smart. If I DID get good grades.
        I hate disappointing and seeing the look on their face after they realize I’m not what they thought. That feeling of cheating them even though its not my fault. I know I don’t make sense; who wouldn’t want to be thought of as smart? But there lies the problem; I don’t want to be thought of as smart if I’m not.

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  2. I agree totally with you, all the way.
    I love putting my hair in a ponytail, since my hair gets out of the way as I do something, and almost everyday I put my hair in one. People say that I look very feminine, and because of that, they don’t think I am strong or can’t handle myself. Then they see me carrying things twice as heavy as they are, and my ability to defend myself. People just shouldn’t judge a person based on how they look before they get to know them.
    Also, dancing is a really great workout, and you need to have a fit body to do it well.

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