Team Building

We did this stupid team building thing in PE class.

I hate working in groups sooo much. I’d rather do everything by myself. 

I want to just trust myself to do work, and not have to deal with other people with other opinions who could possibly ruin the project. If I’m doing the project myself and it ends up bad, that’s me ruining own project.

Students always say they don’t want to work by themselves and they take every chance to work with a group. I don’t. I’m an independent person who doesn’t want anyone else.

Anyways, the other people in my group were being just plain irritating in the Team Building lesson in PE.

When I had an idea, they didn’t listen or say anything. Sometimes they just stared at me like I was such a control freak when I was just suggesting ideas.

Then, someone else would repeat my same idea two minutes after, and everyone would praise them for the great idea. Then, we’d try it, and it would work.

And then the one time I said something after someone else said it (because I didn’t hear them), everyone got mad at me. And by the end, everyone was annoyed with me.

This is exactly why I hate anything to do with groups or other people. I want to be the only one responsible for everything.

I’d much rather work and compete alone. Even in sports, I get mad at my own team when they leave me out, and then I sometimes don’t make the best decisions for my team as a whole.

One exception would be dance, because the teacher would assign it herself/himself. But I still don’t like when the teacher makes us make up our own dance, because that still means working with others to make it…


3 thoughts on “Team Building

  1. 🍁Boltie Crystal Blossom🍁 says:

    Same! We had to do a jump roping performance yesterday and we had only TWO DAYS to plan it. I didn’t really get myself too involved though, because I’m uncreative and my brain is blank AC (as crap). Also, I’m not skilled either. That has indeed happened to me before, and like you, I’d rather do things by myself.

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      1. 🍁Boltie Crystal Blossom🍁 says:

        Sort of. I was kind of shy to talk to my teammates because…. you know. I’m afraid if I do, then they’ll secretly judge me on the inside, but other than that, it was fun. After the performance one teammate possibly had a panic attack or something? Idk. BUT YEAH. XD

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