Science Blob Tag

In science, we were learning about using wet bulb and dry bulb to calculate relative humidity.

For the wet bulb, we wrapped a thermometer in a wet paper towel and shook it around (evaporation).

It looked hilarious and ridiculous. Our whole class was just waving and shaking thermometers around wildly in the air for like five minutes. It was so funny when it happened.

Blog Divider blue wave.png

Our teacher was telling us about how in condensation, the water molecules are really teeny tiny, and that they bump and join together millions of times before it finally rains.

She always (like every single class) makes an example of what we’re learning by saying we’re molecules moving about the room.

Blog Divider blue wave

She also made an analogy to blob tag. All of the little molecules play blob tag with each other for a day inside the cloud, and then they grow large enough to be rain drops.

And so we suggested playing blob tag in class one day, moving the desks to the front of the room, but she said there wouldn’t really be enough space, and that it would be better to go outside.

“Imagine people driving by the school and seeing an eighth-grade class outside playing blob tag.” The teacher said.

Haha. We should though.



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