Making Clouds In Science Class

So in science, we made some unimpressive clouds in plastic bottles.

We used ice and hot water to change the temperature (dropping temperature means humidity increases). Another thing we did to encourage clouds to form was decrease the air pressure, meaning less space for the water vapor to have to fill.

The teacher brought some matches (which usually never is allowed). We lit them each for about two seconds and then blew them out, trying to direct the smoke into the bottles.

We finally got ours to work at the actual last minute of class… AND I DIDN’T EVEN GET TO SEE IT. I was putting extra materials away and then they dumped it before I saw. -_-

It was a great lab though.



The next day, we learned about someone who takes pictures of clouds he makes indoors and sells them for $8,600 each.

Here’s the four minute video we watched in class about it. It’s really short and cool, you should definitely watch it!



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