Nutcracker Ballet

I went to see a ballet, The Nutcracker.

Children at a Christmas Celebration

It started with the middle school group, dancing in pairs. Basically, they were at some kind of party/celebration for Christmas. You guys probably know the story fairly well, anyways.

There were people I recognized from my class: Lillian, Danny, Dara, and Jackie. Jackie was the kid-version of the main/leading female character, Marie.

Then, the uncle guy (who I actually thought was evil) danced a bit. His wizard outfit was huge and flowy. He looked like a wannabe Harry Potter.

So the uncle guy entertained the children with “mysterious” shows and things, including three dancers who pretended they were machines/dolls (and were convincing).

The “uncle guy” gave Marie the Nutcracker doll, and the first group acted as the young children who were ecstatic because they’d just gotten their toys. The girls rocked their stuffed animals, and the boys paraded across the room with horns and horse toys.

To be a villain

His movements were fluid, theatrical. I wondered, what would it be like to be a villain? To wear a dark cape, and glide across the stage in swift, large movements? To hear the gasps and whispers in the crowd? I think it would be pretty cool. You’d get the attention of the audience, for sure, even if in a more unusual way.


Culturally influenced dancing

There was a pair in red, doing a Spanish-style dance. And then girls came out dressed in pink crop tops and pants like gypsies. Following that, a pair in blue suits doing pirrouettes and barrel rolls. Then dancers dressed in beige/cream clothes. And finally, out came a pair in purple. The girl had a big, happy smile on her face.

Lead roles

Of course, the lead dancers danced a lot on stage together– the usual. They were great! The guy lifted the girl up and she did a lot of battements.


The really little kids (Elementary) were so small and cute in their round, gold tutus, dancing around the egg in the center that the two lead dancers came out of. I would hate having to do that. It’s not very much space, and I would get claustrophobic.

Cute crayon costumes

The first group (middle school, some from my class) came out again, adorned with a cute pointy hat, puffy shirt, and pants. They kind of looked like crayons. I feel like this costume was a bit too young for our class, but they looked adorable anyway.

Sugar Plum Fairy Queen

There was a dancer in a hot pink tutu, and I’m pretty sure she was the Sugar Plum Queen/Fairy/whatever she is. She did some beautiful turns.

Pink dresses

Some dancers from my class and the class above it had some parts/acts intertwined with the others. They wore long, pink dresses.


Those were the main parts of the ballet. I got to see my sister’s friends and the people from my class perform.

They were really good. It got me thinking. I realized that these were the people from my class level. And they were on pointe, and looked absolutely beautiful and amazing on stage, dancing. And I realized that I want to do that, too, but I have such a long way to go. I wasted time not dancing. Because I quit, I’ve become very inflexible (I used to be able to do a split, now I’m not even close). Also, I have lost so much technique that I now have to relearn, when I had it great before. I may never catch up completely, because of my decision to quit. I really want to, though. I want to catch up and be at the same level, able to perform well, too, because the ballet really opened my eyes.

Anyways, enough of that. I was extremely impressed with the show. Even if you didn’t dance, you still would not be able to deny how incredible it was. The effects and backgrounds were nice too. It gave everything a somehow magical touch. It was  such a good show, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing it. It was probably my first ballet, too.



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