Last Day Before Winter Break

Today was our last day of school before Winter Break. Finally. It’s the 23rd…

Gifts From Friends

Everyone at our lunch table was exchanging gifts for Secret Santa, which they planned together as a group of friends.

Meanwhile, my group of friends and I still need to find a time to get together to pick from a hat. It’ll just be the four of us.

One of my friends (not one of the four mentioned above), Ciana, got me these wonderful treats she made by herself. They were hard pretzels with candy on the top. They were great.


In math, we made ninja stars, using origami!

As we were folding the squares, the teacher used terms like “right trapezoid” and “isosceles triangle”, so we were technically reviewing, even if the information was simple.


In science, we had a NASA speaker come in, who had gone to our school district.

He answered a bunch of our questions. It was really cool!


In Geography, the teacher said we didn’t have to watch the video. 

Do I need to repeat myself? We didn’t need to watch!

Yayyy! 😀

He said it was okay for us to sleep, and we could get the answers to the worksheet later.

Omg, it was so uncalled for. I never would’ve thought any teacher would let us.

I, of course, read my book.

French and Music

In French, we watched videos (same as the ones for last year) and filled out a worksheet (also same).

I discreetly read during it.

In Music, we watched the Grinch (animated) and part of Horton Hears a Who.


At the end of the day, we had Basic like normal.

We did a game where we saw a picture and tried to guess the Christmas song it depicted. The prize was fudge.

For example, Let It Snow had snowflakes, and Silent Night had a knight saying “shh”.

The others were a lot harder, though. And for most, I’d only heard/played the instrumental version, so it didn’t exactly help me.

Ciana (my partner) and I ended up kind of failing, but oh well. For one of them, there was a sheep, and since I had no idea, I put “Ba Ba Black Sheep”. XD

Our primetime teacher ended up giving all of us fudge anyway. It was really good. I think that’s the first time I ever had fudge.



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