Christmas Decorations

I know this is late. I meant to post it earlier, but I forgot, so oh well. I’m posting it now.

This is something I originally made for school. Note: all of these are pictures I took in my house during Christmas-time.

Christmas-fireplace.jpgIt’s that time of the year again! Winter holidays! In this case, that would mean specifically Christmas, but other people may celebrate other kinds of holidays. Here is a little run through/tutorial of what our family does for our Christmas decorations!
1. Assemble the tree. Put the four sections on top of each other. Simple.
2. Spread the leaves!! Sounds ridiculous, but it’s actually really important. Make the leaves look good and cover everything, or you can see the pole, which looks thin, and very, very manmade. We want it to look nice, and realistic.
3. Adorn the now lovely tree with its spread out leaves. Use ornaments and the alike.
If you don’t have ornaments, or just need more, grab some random things that look at least somewhat decent, and string them up.
Or you can see a DIY post. I’m sure there’s tons out there if you’re willing to spend the time and effort to make your own proper ornaments. It’s totally okay to grab cool-looking objects and just go crazy and creative, though!
4. Lights! Camera! Action! Connect all the cords linking the lights, and plug them into the outlets scattered around hidden in the dark, prickly, random sections in the tree. Note: This may cause a little bit of frustration… Honestly, where are they?? Bring a flashlight, and a lot of patience.
5. Admire the perfect, gorgeous tree you have worked so hard to achieve. Once the star is on, and the lights are glowing, you’re done! Finally. Now, you get to gush over how beautiful it is, and make yourself feel a little better. Job well done, it looks fantastic!!
Happy holidays!



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