One Direction?

Here’s the story of my life //cough// I mean the story of my opinion about One Direction. Hahahahahah okay sorry I’ll stop. 

So first, of course, I didn’t have much opinion. I heard about how popular they were and how teenage girls were sooo obsessed and in love with them. 

Then, I didn’t like them, for a really long time. Honestly, they’re not that good. They’re overrated, and there are plenty of much better, more talented artists. 

I publicly expressed this, and all the girls in my advisory at school were like :OOOO WAT! BUT THEY’RE SO GOOD AND HOT AND EVERYTHING. 

Hahahah, I love telling people I dislike One Direction. They totally freak out! XD XD XD
But then…

I liked Drag Me Down. And then I liked Perfect. And then I heard Night Changes and liked it too. 

I didn’t just like it either. I thought it was a great song! One of my new favorites…

And I realized that I didn’t know that many of their songs. What if I actually liked them? 

Omg… What if I was becoming a Directioner?

But really, me, a Directioner? I hated them! They weren’t good or special. 

But what if I do like them? Does that make me another one of the numerous fan girls? Am I one of them, who I’d thought were shallow and only liked them because of looks?

I don’t know what to think. 

Anyways, I think I like Niall the best. He’s pretty good at singing! And it’s not just that. Idk… I just like him. He seems cool. 

Okay, what do you guys think?



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