Ships- Not a Memory, Oh Well.

Well, my sister was asking about ships earlier, so…


(By the way, I did comment on her post, too…)

Ship 1.jpg

Ship 2.jpg

Ship 3.jpg

Ship 4.jpg

Ship 5.jpg

Ship 6.jpg

Ship 7.jpg

Ship 8.jpg

Ship 9.JPG

Ship 10.jpg

Ship 11.jpg

Ship 12.jpg

Ship 13.jpg

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen!

Although you’re probably mostly ladies. Sorry, gentlemen. I don’t know many male bloggers, but if you are one and you’re reading this, comment below and I’ll reply with a random picture (for example, a mango). If I did that for the girls, too, that would be way too many, so I’m going to cheat!

Anyways, that’s 13 ships! Ah, the dreaded 13. I don’t have anything against the number, and I’m not superstitious, so that’s perfectly fine with me.

Okay, that’s all. HOPE YOU ENJOYED.

Note to my sister: Oh, come on. You totally asked for it. YOU’RE VERY WELCOME. Heuheuheu. //whispers// Magnus Bane…………



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