In Geography, my last period, and a terribly boring class, we had a sunsitute teacher. We filled out a packet using our textbooks.

We heard a high, childish voice from the hallway, humming Hotline Bling. There was something about it that was just hilarious.

Of course, we all exchange looks of surprise, confusion, and amusement.

“What was that?”

Someone says it was probably the seventh grade math teacher we had before.

“Hahaha, yes!”

“‘Cause I know when that calculator…”

More like Desmos.

I finish my packet really early. Everyone else spends the whole class on it or don’t even finish by the end. I’m the first to turn mine in, and no one turns theirs in until a long while later.

I read my book for the rest of the class.



I had band at Basic, and it was great like always.

Especially because the teacher announced who was nominated and accepted for Honors Band, and I got in.

There were two players of each instrument for most instruments. Our flute section is quite large. Rishab and I got in. Olivia, my good friend, got in for clarinet, along with Hanley.

Also, there was a saxophone soloist.

We would be going to play with other selected (the best) band players from schools in our area together.

I am so excited for it and happy I got in. I can’t wait!

We went through the songs, and had to stop a few times.

“Ok. If you trumpets don’t do that part right in the concert, I’m going to pick up a flute player and throw them at you!” The teacher threatens.

He’s said that before. Always the flute players. I wonder why. The clarinets are just as near him!

I volunteer!” Rishab calls. Why would he volunteer to be thrown?

“I bet I could pick each of you up too.” Reade, a clarinet player, says. I bet he couldn’t. xD



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