How the World Will End- Most Likely Way, Best/Memorable Way

Watch this video!

It’s really great. How the World Will End, According to Americans

Here’s my comment on what I thought.

Most likely way:

I think that out of these listed ways, nuclear war, worldwide revolution, and climate change are the most likely to be the cause of the end of the world.

Why I don’t like these ways:

Worldwide revolution would be an embarrassing way to go, with all of us humans fighting and killing each other, waging war to the extent of extinction.

A zombie apocalypse would cause too much suffering for people, and we’d no longer be humans anymore, and instead turn into zombies or be dead. We would be miserable, gory, messed up, and not even human anymore. That would really not make an honorable end to human life.

How I want it to end:

Again out of these options, the way I would like the world to end would have to be alien invasion or climate change.

Climate change would be natural, a part of Earth. Sure, it’s going to be our fault, but at least it’s about the environment. At least our downfall will be what has sustained us and allowed us to thrive for so very long. It seems more right than the other ways.

At least, in an alien invasion, we could go down nobly, putting up a good fight. Even trying deserves a lot of credit. After all, what the heck do we know about these aliens? They’re not like anything we’ve seen before. They’re aliens, and who knows what kind of things they might do or know? That is and will be a mystery to us, up to the moment when the very last person dies.


Although I suppose if the world were to end, it wouldn’t matter how, because it would be the end. There would be nothing else afterwards, no one to reflect on it.

But still, it feels like we should go down an honorable way anyway, even with no one afterward to think about us.

The world ending— it would be monumental, after all. So I think it should be good.

I really enjoyed thinking about all this. I would love for you guys to comment your opinions on the end of the world!! I really, really want to know them now. I got into this a lot. PLEASE COMMENT!!!!



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