Band Dress Rehearsal

We had the band dress rehearsal yesterday in school. 

We went to eat in the cafeteria together after 3rd period and then went to the high school (which is like right next to the middle school). That’s where the concert will be, tomorrow. We came back in the last few minutes of Basic. 

I forgot that it was today, and so I didn’t have my flute. Reade forgot his too, and mimed playing an air clarinet, grinning. 

Thomas, the best drummer, was supposed to blow a whistle at one point in a song. He didn’t bring it, so instead he said the noise– “WooOOO!!” Everyone laughed and we had to stop. 

Today’s the day of the concert. It’ll be from 7-9. I’ll probably post about it tomorrow, which will be Thursday. 



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