Ballet Today [It rhymes, yay] ;)

Aaaand this was written yesterday. This happens to me a lot, doesn’t it?

I had dance today. There was the first lesson/class. I came in late. 

Some of it was actually fun, and I felt like I did it all right. I felt like I did well– for me at least. 

It was a bit healing to my esteem, and I was more self-assured. The last dance practice had been rough. But this was pretty good, aside from the jumps I didn’t get. 

I was anxious about how to do the jumps and how my balance would do in the centre. 

Oh, and the teacher asked Dara, “Do you have the Asian problem?” Dara looked at him, puzzled. “Why are you squinting your eyes like that?”

Woow. For most of the rest of class, I just fumed silently about that comment. And yes, I am Asian, if that wasn’t clear. 

Usually, afterward, there’s variation. It would be my first variation class. Today, however, we were doing partner ballet with the older group.

All it was was just awkward. Like REALLY, REALLY AWKWARD. And it doesn’t help that I’m already an awkward person. 

We did glisades, assemblés, piqués, and pirouettes, all while being lifted or held by a guy. 

I was really reluctant to do it at first, and it was just sooo awkward, but I must admit… it was pretty fun. 

At least, being lifted into the air (either in motion or to do an arabesque). I don’t know why, but it was cool. 

At one point, the guys stood in a line, and we did some small jumps, and then they “threw” us up, for the next person to catch. 

It was so fun, and none of us fell, not even once! It was kind of awesome being thrown… if that makes any sense. 

To demonstrate, once, the teacher and a guy student danced together. It was hilarious. 

Then, afterwards, I said hi to Sarah.  It was probably our first proper introduction. It was still casual; we didn’t shake hands or whatever. 

I just asked if she was in seventh grade, because we’d seen each other at school, and we confirmed names. 



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