Midterm Day

Today, at school, we had our Geography and Social Studies midterms.


I didn’t really study for Geography. As you likely know by now, it’s easy and boring for me, and I dislike my teacher.

The midterm was easy for the most part, but there were questions about things we hadn’t even learned about!! Not even kidding. It was absolutely ridiculous, and I cannot believe my teacher. Wth?! I’m not going to do well just because of him not teaching the subject.

My class was talking about how we’d never actually learned it, after the midterm. Our teacher didn’t teach us the material. He goes slow, and were behind all the other classes. The curriculum is already slow enough without him taking forever.

It sucks. By the end of the year, we’re either going to be so behind and not have finished learning what we were supposed to, or he’s going to have to speed the heck up and get it done. Either way, it’s not good for our learning– not learning it at all or learning it too shortly without actually learning it.

That’s seriously how he’s like. Our class goes so inefficiently and we haven’t even learned the real stuff.

Social Studies

Ok, so I freaked out about the Social Studies midterm.

Since history is based off of memorization, and my memory is practically the memory of an old woman’s, I had tons of practice to do.

When I wasn’t studying, I was stressing out and trying to think of the next time I could have time to.

We’re learning about the Civil War and Reconstruction after it. I spent the little time I had (like one or two nights) studying generals, battles, compromises, acts.

Turns out the test is actually really easy. At least for me. Some people thought it was hard.

I prepared for a difficult midterm with me struggling to remember every battle detail, every political part about presidencies and acts.

It was very simple though– all multiple choice and without tricky, horrible questions.


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