Happy MLK Day! Today, we remember Martin Luther King Jr. on his birthday.

He was truly a hero, who believed in peace and love. Even in the face of undeserved, unjust POOP, he yet talked of peace and hope, not once resorting to violence as many have done.

I’m not an expert or anything, but he was an incredible man. It would have been nearly impossible to be so kind and loving and never consider that violence could solve the situation. No one could do that. People go to war with their enemies; they hate, not love.

He would have made a good president. Look at the other greats in American history– a lot of them became presidents.

In fact, it was a thing for generals and important military leaders to become presidents, even if they weren’t exactly good at it. I think he could have been a better president than some of them (Not trying to be unpatriotic, but we must realize that no one is perfect, and presidents are not an exception. And that’s okay.)

In conclusion, Martin Luther King Jr. was an amazing man. I’m glad we celebrate him and all he did on this day.

However, it is not just this one day we have to think about him. We, nationally and internationally, are still dealing with racism to this day. It is 87 years after the birthday of MLK, and we yet have not solved this issue.

Perhaps it goes too far back. But that is still no excuse. Racism may have been around for a very long time (sometimes in cruel, horribly extreme ways) but we need to end it.

It’s going to be hard to change what’s already ingrained in people’s minds. It would be much easier if it never had been in the first place.

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