First World Problems Tag

Thanks for tagging me, Blizz!

The rules are to tag someone specific and list five or more of “your first world problems”. 

  1. When there’s too much romance and it ruins the book, game, or movie. 
  2. People… when they’re annoying, biased, bullies, etc.
  3. Being wrong or not knowing…
  4. Over dramatic people (ex: people who say “fml” because of something really small, like forgetting a pencil)
  5. Bullies. People who put others down. 
  6. People who complain… about EVERYTHING. And when you’re upset about something, they only try to one-up you and say, “SAME! That happened to me too!” and then give you details on how horrible their life is. 
  7. Bad books!
  8. When people totally don’t get it, but pretend they know everything and try to tell you what to do. 

So, yeah. Sorry if I offended anyone… that wasn’t exactly my purpose. :/

I tag infinitmagic and Lizzy. 



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