Course Selection

Our grade has course selection for next year, ninth grade, was due Monday.

I knew right away what I was going to do– all honors. Duh.

I feel like all the teachers and students are making a big deal about doing honors vs. academic…

The teachers kept telling us not to do all honors, and to only do one or two. They say it’s too much work and we should only do the subjects we really like (and of course, that we qualify for).

I’m not worried about it… I’ll start getting more concerned when we’re allowed to take A.P.

By then, people will be talking even more about it. My older sister’s teachers warned her and scared the students by saying the absolute maximum to take was two, and at three, you would have so much work and wouldn’t make it. She took six and was okay. It was extremely difficult, but she’s good at studying and all, and she made it. And she was also doing marching band.

I’m excited for high school, I guess.

I’m taking Music Theory as an elective, and the other is French 2, Honors.

Are you guys doing course selection yet? What are you picking? And your school is most likely different, so how’s it like?



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