Winter Luau

We had a dance for our grade at school. Some of my friends were coming, so why not?

First, I went to my friend Olivia’s house and we hung out until the time of the party. We were there for quite a while, and even had pizza. Every time we’ve eaten together, it’s always been pizza. xD

We came a little late, and there were barely any people, but then a large crowd came into the cafeteria. They probably were somewhere else in the school before. So now, there was a very decent amount of people, although it didn’t compare to the number of people in our grade.

First, the teachers held up limbo sticks, and people went under a few times. Everyone cheered when Ashley (who is very tall) “limboed” like a pro.

There was a photobooth with items to dress up in, pretzels, and beverages.

My social studies and advisory teacher was “DJ Hungry” (because he loves food) and played music really loud. They were also accepting song requests, but they never played Demons, which I requested, or The Emperor’s New Clothes, which Olivia suggested. They still played some good songs, though! Like Hotline Bling and Centuries.

There were a few lip sync battles. My science and math teacher had a battle against each other. The math teacher even did a split! Well, as much of a split as she could do, at least. LOL.

A lot of people dragged me, moved my arms, and tried to force me to dance. I did dance a little… Olivia wanted me to do the Cupid shuffle and Hoe down. Or whatever it’s called.

Other than that, people just danced naturally. You know, to the music. Swaying and jumping.

One guy flipped another in the air twice and caught himgracefully. I never would have imagined something like that happening in our school, but that guy obviously had practice.

A conga line formed once, and I thought it would be interesting to force someone to be the leader of one…

Also, one of the students started dancing like Drake to Hotline Bling. It was a very accurate imitation.



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