“Your” cool!

So, like almost all of my posts, this actually happened before, and I’m just posting it now. I believe this occurred on the Monday, the eighth?

For basic, we had Olweus– which is supposed to be an anti-bullying thing every other Monday, at Basic, but really, we just do a variety of activities with our advisories.

Since Valentine’s Day was coming up, we did an activity for it.

The girls got pink paper hearts, and the boys got red. I detest the color pink, but I switched with Reade, so all was good. Apparently he wanted pink.

Each of us wrote our name on the paper heart we’d gotten. We then passed them to every person in an orderly rotation. Well, it was supposed to be orderly. Ciana kept getting confused. LOOL.

Then, we would write something about the person. Something nice.

For other people, I didn’t want to just say “your nice”, or “cool”. One, because YOUR IS POSSESSIVE AND IT SHOULD BE YOU’RE, and two because that’s boring and I want to give real compliments. Soo I said things like…

  • Ciana’s crazy (in a good way, obviously)
  • Jenny’s enthusiastic and energetic
  • Hannah participates a lot (engaged in the discussion)
  • Reade is funny and doesn’t take things too seriously
  • Luke and Kenny are really polite and respectful

Here are all the compliments I got:

  • intellectual (from Ciana)
  • you are good at science (he’s in the same science class)
  • you are very intelligent and creative
  • your good at writing stories (she’s in the same writing class)
  • super smart & NICE!
  • intelligent
  • your nice
  • you are really smart
  • good taste in books and smart! (Whoever said this, ilysm!!! Books are lyfe.)
  • likes red more than pink (LOL, we all know who this is.)
  • I can tell your always thinking, that’s a good thing. (from my teacher)

Oh, and apparently Reade corrected grammar mistakes on his paper (like your instead of you’re). He said he just couldn’t stand it, and I was like OMG IKR!!

So then we kiiinda started ranting about grammar…

//cough// AAAANYWAYS.



5 thoughts on ““Your” cool!

  1. dewdrops0213 says:

    Ohh, I did something like this a long time ago! Everyone got a paper and we passed it around, everyone wrote something nice about each other XD I got some compliments like you did! But my friend at the time saw a message that said “ILOVEYOU” and she scribbled over it so hard it ripped. Honestly it was hilarious XD

    Liked by 1 person

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