So I made a pun in Geography…

In Geography, I came up with a pun, and decided to share it. 

I raised my hand, and the teacher called on me.

“Do you want to hear a pun about coal mining?”


“Nevermine. It’s not coal enough.”

A lot of people, including the teacher, laughed, which surprised me. Some didn’t hear it though, and kept asking each other what happened. 

“Hm. Where did you get that from? The refugees we were talking about?”

“Uh… I dunno. I just thought of it.”

Apparently they liked it, though. Their laughter was a lot louder than when the teacher made his bad puns, so I suppose it was good enough. 

Then, Jacob said, “Wanna hear a pun about broken pencils? Whatever, there’s no point.”

Not everyone liked it, but I thought it was a pretty good pun!

I usually don’t share puns in class, but we learned about coal mining a while ago, so why not? And it turned out just fine. 



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