Panic!! (At the Disco) xDDD

So, yesterday, my parents’ friends came over, and accidentally hit the panic button because it was dark and hard to see. 

My sister and I were downstairs, still eating, when the alarm went off. I jumped, and ran upstairs. It was loud. I clapped my hand over my ears and yelled, “What happened? What’s going on?”

I wondered if our neighbors would hear and think something was up. 

My mom told me everything was okay, and went downstairs to put in the security number and stop the beeping. It worked, but turned on again. Eventually she got it turned off. 

When the alarm first came on… it sounded like someone screaming. Screaming with amazing lung capacity and a really high voice. 

I feel like I hear other things like screaming, too. And not celebratory screaming, or excited and giddy screaming. Not thrilling-roller-coaster screaming or simply shouting for fun. 

Screaming. Real screaming. Raw and high. Terrified. Oh look, I just made a rhyme. 

There’s something wrong with my ears. 



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