On Wednesday (3/2/16), our school went to the high school (which is right by/a short walk from the middle school. We were seeing their musical, Shrek. When we came back, we had a 2 hour delay schedule on a late start. So no 1st or 2nd period, and only 12 minutes of 3rd.

The actors were extremely talented. If you’re familiar with the story, you’ll understand the characters.

Donkey was played by one of my neighbors. His costume, voice, and lines were hilarious and ridiculous. Everyone loved him. The actor playing Shrek was very tall and did the accent just like Shrek! It was cool. Farquaad had to walk on his knees the whole time… xD

Fiona was spontaneous and energetic. There was a girl who did the voice of the Gingerbread Man, and she was so good! There was a wolf who was actually a guy actor, but he wore a dress and robe. I also liked Little Red Riding Hood.

One of my favorite scenes was the one with little Fiona, medium Fiona, and big Fiona, doing a trio on the balcony. I also liked the dragon part!

Okay, let’s just talk about the backdrop and stage for a second. Everything was magnificent!! It was painted so beautifully! Woo! Great job to the artists who did that! Also, the musicians in the Orchestra pit sounded lovely! And everyone’s voices… they were wonderful!

I just loved this play. It was awesome!

I heard some people say that they really liked it and wanted to join when they went to high school. I’m thinking that playing music or painting the backdrop would be something I might try!



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