Age of Ultron

So I watched Avengers Age of Ultron yesterday, and let me just say…. wow, man. Wow. 

First off, I saw the 2 Captain America movies and Guardians of the Galaxy. Not a big Marvel fan…

So, my reflection on the movie is as follows…

CA.0413.the.avengers.Black Widow has an… interesting past, for sure. Maybe something worth watching or at least Googling.

hulk.jpgThe Hulk has some of the best memes out of the superheroes. I know, I was on my phone searching memes part of the time when I should have been watching; shame on me.

But I love how during Code Green,

avengers-wanda.jpgWanda’s really cool… I like her. And I’m glad she joined the Avengers.

captain-america.jpgCaptain America is totally awesome, and derpy at times.

avengers-pietro.gifMarkiplier.jpgPietro looks kinda like Markiplier, with his facial hair and colored hair. The whole time, I just called him Markiplier. I was just like, “Omg, Markiplier!” xD Ok, after comparing their faces next to each other, maybe not so much. But it made sense at the time.

I’ll make a separate post on Thor and put the link here when I’m done.

Oh, and yeah– They’re all completely out of their minds.



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