First Day of Track: Monday 3/7/16

Monday was our first day of track this year! (8th grade)

There are four coaches total, and one of them is my Geography teacher.

For the first week, were doing 7 and 8 grade girls on Monday and Wednesday, and 7/8 boys on Tuesday and Thursday. It’s going to be different for certain events later, but that’s how it is for our first week.

Everyone was changing, but I wore my track clothes to school, so I just went to the gym to wait.

We first did warm ups. For example, 15 jumping jacks. If we weren’t synchronized, we had to redo them. We also did some stretches…. which was just another reminder of all the flexibility I lost when I quit dance. Ughh.

Then, we went across the gym doing high knees, butt kicks, etc.

After all this, the 7th graders stayed in and got their weights and everything, and we went outside to run.

We went to the access route, which is the small one-lane road where cars come to drop off and pick up people. It goes from outside to the parking lot outside of the cafeteria.

The coaches told us we’d run for about 15 minutes. They said to come back and forth twice on the path. When we finished, someone asked how far it was and they said it was a mile and a half.

There are about 30 8th grade girls in track, and I was 7th to finish. We didn’t time or record anything. All my friends were behind me. The people in front of me were those good people who’d done track before. 

Whoo! Accomplishment! (Even if I was breathing kinda obnoxiously at the end…) Especially since the last time I really ran was the Fall mile (required at school).

After everyone finished, the 7th graders ran while we hung around and got our weights. I’m surprised I didn’t gain much weight… my mom’s been getting a ton of cake lately, which is very unusual for our family. 

When the 7th graders finished, we did a cool down. 

Track has been great! I actually find sincere enjoyment in it…



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