2nd Day of Track (Wednesday)

Hey y’all! So, my second day of track was last last Wednesday (3/9/16). 

Click here to see my post about the first day. 

We did warm ups like normal, but not for as long, and then all of us went outside. It was super hot out (it’s been getting a lot warmer lately). 

We were at the high school track, where some other high school sports were going on. The track is a quarter of a mile and loops around the football field. 

This time, the 7th graders went first. They ran the mile while we sat on the bleachers. 

Then, we ran the mile. I didn’t go well for anyone… we all got way worse times than we’d gotten before (on the school-required mile in gym twice a year). I suppose it may be partly because of the horrid heat. Also, I hadn’t been running besides the 1st day  of track. 

Then, we did 100 meter sprints. 100 meters is the length of a football field. The 7th graders went before us. 

We formed lines in the lanes and one row of people went at a time (so one person in each lane sprinting until the end and then the next row gets signaled and goes).

I got 14.1 seconds. Ciana, my friend, said that was good, and they might put me on a relay team. She said people with 14.5 seconds or less could. 

I hope I do get a chance to. I definitely like the 100 meter sprint. Long distance is NOT my thing. I love sprinting, though!

I hope to improve a lot! It would benefit me best to improve on my impressively slow reaction time. That would totally help me shave off some time. 

I think the best time was around 12 seconds. 

Then, we went to a field at the middle school and did some conditioning. 

First we ran back and forth in rows, and then we went to the hill attaching the field to the blacktop. 

They told us to repeat after them and had us say, “We love the Hill!”

After several times running up and  down the Hill, they made us repeat again. They made us ask to do it again, and then said, “Sure!” and told us to go. 


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