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Being able to connect with people over the Internet is a gift. So let’s use it!

Comment something below, and let’s have a conversation!

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43 thoughts on “Using Our Gift

    1. A Musing Teen says:

      Oh I THINK I’M GOOD AT MULTI-TASKING! XD Well, I am. I can watch TV, read a book, and have dinner at the same time. Though I dunno if doing enjoyable things counts as multi-tasking. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the idea of this post. Are you good at multi-tasking? (Sorry if that sounds weird)

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      1. Cool! Yeah, LOL. Dinner is SOOO boring if I can’t do something at the same time, like reading or going on my phone. Or both at the same time.
        I think I’m pretty good. I didn’t think much of it before, but now I realize the people around me cant really


      2. Oops I accidentally sent it when I wasn’t finished.
        I realized the people around me couldn’t really multitask that well, and thought, “oh I guess that’s just something some people can do”.
        I’m actually okay at it. Sometimes I’m pro, and can totally understand and do it, and sometimes I just need to FOCUS, haha.
        Here’s another question! What foods do you absolutely despise?
        I cannot stand mushrooms. When I try to eat one, I ACTUALLY feel like I’m going to throw up. BLEEHHHH.


      3. A Musing Teen says:

        Hmm.. I HATE cabbage, all cooked/boiled veggies (except sweet corn) and I hate mushrooms too! Cheers to mushroom haters! ๐Ÿ˜€ I feel that while eating cabbage. I actually threw up once :/ And yes, I also HATE bananas, watermelons and sweet limes. ๐Ÿ˜› I’m weird.

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      4. Yay!! //high five//
        Mushroom hater club!
        LOL I know someone who is SCARED of mushrooms. I also know someone whose hair used to look like the top of a mushroom.
        Oooo wow.
        I love watermelon (some aren’t that good, but some are really juicy and sweet). I don’t think I’ve ever had limes, lol. I’ve had key lime pie though.


      5. A Musing Teen says:

        Hair like a mushroom? Now THAT should be a thing.
        Sweet lime? Oops, I actually love it. Soz. I can’t really remember the English names of some fruits, so I accidentally wrote sweet lime, I meant to write musk melon ๐Ÿ˜›
        Sweet lime is basically like an orange, but its more yellow and it usually never is sour or bitter ๐Ÿ™‚
        But musk melon is like, ewww. I even hate its smell. Oh, and I hate pumpkins too.
        Lookie here, a girl who aint like no veggies! Bad gurl, huh? ๐Ÿ˜€

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  1. dewdrops0213 says:

    I’m sorry this is going to be a boring reply but anyways i am not sure if i multitask or not i just do normal work for each subject and do some in school if i can but most require the computer. again i’m sorry. But here is a question. what is your personality like, would you ever write in a notebook and umm what are your strengths. I like stationary and I write in notebooks, i’m introvert and an alien, and.. my strengths are… idk. math, studying, cause i have to enter every competition sadly. weaknesses? sigh… everything requiring talent. and pe. i hate p.e…. i’m sorry i regret posting this it’s so cringey

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    1. It’s not boring! I’m glad you made it long. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Ah, I see. I totally multitask a lot, lol. I get bored doing one thing at a time sometimes. Like I hate JUST eating or folding the clothes.
      People usually see me as the quiet, nerdy type, but then when they get to know me, they hope I’ll shut up and stop making bad puns LOL. I like learning and school, and I’m a book obsessed fangirl.
      I would write in a notebook if it wasn’t something that was really long that I wanted to keep and continue as a narrative story. Those I always keep in Google Docs.
      My strengths are observing, caring about detail, fangirling, music, and I guess I just like school.
      My weaknesses are PROCRASTINATING sooo badly, not being able to stay focused on one thing at a time, paying too much attention to detail, and trying to win every argument I enter. Also, I’m SOO bad at “dancing”. Like I take ballet, but I suck at dancing at a party or something.
      I’m an introvert too! //high five//
      I’m glad you posted this! It’s not cringey. I learned a lot about you.
      Here’s a new question! What sports and/or instruments have you played before or you still play?

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      1. dewdrops0213 says:

        I’m an introvert at school, monster at home haha, it’s so weird ^^ I observe a lot and care about detail too. I procrastinate a lot but recently i’ve been trying so hard to be productive lol (fail). I can’t dance ๐Ÿ™‚ //highfive//! Sports? – NONE lol I fail at P.E and don’t take classes. But i DO like Tennis and fut ball/soccer a little so i’d like classes with tennis. Instruments, are violin. I have a piano and used to play my crappy made up songs on it but I don’t take classes. I’ve been playing violin in school but in this school they have more concerts and competitions and I want to continue it cause I like playing the violin! A question for you! Oh wait! I eat but if I have a book I love I read while eating. i’m always moving my legs at home , restless while I ear or something. But anyways, le question. I can’t think of any right now. Hmm. What are some of your habits, hobbies, and pet peeves? I can’t think of habits but I know I have a handful. Hobbiess?? I don’t know. I don’t really do anything. I like stationary I guess so meh. Blogging! duh ๐Ÿ˜› Pet peeves? I have pages and pages and pages but i’ll name a few in another comment later :3

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      2. LOL. Cool! :))
        Some of my habits are pushing my glasses up, putting my hair behind my ear, doing both in a fluid motion, and moving my legs up and down while sitting.
        I have a lot of hobbies, and some are art and reading.
        Several of my pet peeves are when people are rude and judge others, slow walkers, and people who try to one-up you in everything. There are a ton of others, but those are the ones I just thought of first.

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      3. dewdrops0213 says:

        I get annoyed by a lot of things but pet peeves… hmmm…. people being rude or thinking that they are cool or superior or jealous or whatever. People who think that they want equal rights but they are just being superior instead and annoying. I’m all for feminism but those people aren’t. I hate it when people are racist or other Ists AND/OR when people think that something is racist but by thinking ti’s racist they are being racist. For example, they think that getting me out in a game is bad cause i’m a girl. Or getting some african american out in a game is bad cause they are an african american. But… we just play with like any other person it’s equal. And chess isn’t racist but i get it if it’s a joke just not for real. I hate it when people are super super sensitive and butthurt- i don’t want to be rude but not just sensitive- they get hurt by everything. Mostly online. I can’t think of more, when you list them maybe we’ll have a few in common! Then I can remember. I don’t want to copy I just can’t think of anything D: I know what i’m annoyed by but pet peeves is like a list- when… a teacher licks their finger and passes the paper around. ew. I rub my fingers together on both sides of the paper then turn the page in a book, I don’t want wet fingers to turn the page. I’m the only one probably but I digress, it’s just really nasty. And misunderstandings in movies or books. They are really annoying sometimes XD If the main character just says something it would all be fixed. But noo…. -0-

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      4. Ooo I’m not entirely sure what I think about “butt hurt” people.
        Ikr, I’ve never licked; I always just use my fingers even when it gets tricky.
        And yeah, that’s super annoying, because you know that it’s really all just a misunderstanding, and the characters shouldn’t be fighting over it, but it’s a part of the story, and the author put it in for a reason. Lol.

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      1. Omg, that’s awesome! I’ve heard about it at school. So you liked it?
        I would watch it, but it’s rated R and my parents do not approve, hahahah.
        I think I’ll make a post about superhero comics and movies soon. Er– I mean… not soon. Someday. xD

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      2. Haha, yup. I’ve heard. Lol.
        I love Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Thor, Captain America (Winter Soldier), and the first Avengers movie.
        Some movies I don’t like AS much– but are still clearly at the top– are Mission Impossible, Captain America (1st), and the second Captain America movie.

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  2. Hi, idk if you really care about my weird opinions…
    So I’m not that good at multi-tasking, but I still try to do it… like I’ll have science homework open in one tab and English in the other…. and I frantically switch back and forth, like, “I’M GOOD AT MULTI-TASKING. I’M GOOD AT MULTI-TASKING…”
    I told you I’m weird.

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