Honors Band Concert

I really should have posted this a very long time ago.

I suppose I’ve started it now because I’m on the bus going to a field trip, and what am I supposed to do… socialize?

So, as you know from some of my previous posts, I was in Honors Band. I’m going to back up to a few weeks ago and explain a bit.

We had a whole day of rehearsal, going over all our songs and practicing and revising. It was definitely a learning experience. The next day, we practiced in the morning, and then had our performance.


New Era Fanfare– Definitely one of our easier songs; we played it in 6th grade Band. Not that interesting to play. Sounds good though!

Hawaii Five-O Theme– Very fun song with lots of accidentals and interesting rhythms.

Lexington March– It’s kind of a typical band march. Not the most fun to play either, but sounds good.

In a Gentle Rain– This one’s very unique. Most of the band used gentle finger snaps that actually really sounded like rain. Someone used a metal sheet to imitate thunder. It all sounded so realistic and pretty. I wish you guys could hear; it’s not the same explaining. There were some soloists, and a saxophone player from our school was very good. The song starts and ends with rain. Flutes have only small parts, mostly trills.

Star Spangled Banner– Pretty self-explanatory. We played it at the beginning.

Russian Sailor’s Dance– They actually play a song similar to this in ballet class. It’s a gentler, softer version, of course, with a piano.

The Magic of Harry Potter– Medley of Harry Potter songs. It sounds really awesome and makes me super nostalgic. One of my favorites.

By the Rivers of Babylon– The other favorite. Sounds really amazing and has some interesting, fun parts. All the other flutes thought it was super difficult (the notes are quick), but I think it was great!



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