Eggs and Screaming


In math class today, someone shouted in a strange, high voice, “IT’S AN EGGY EGG!” or something like that; I don’t remember. The teacher was like, “Reade, get back to work, please” or “Focus on what you’re supposed to do” or something.

It was really funny because of the weird voice and, of course, it’s a ridiculous thing to say. And the teacher just responded so calmly and normally. LOOOL.

Also, in Geography, the teacher said he decided the assignment from yesterday wouldn’t be due today, and Isa started screaming, while everyone else was either talking loudly, complaining, or looking confused.



2 thoughts on “Eggs and Screaming

  1. dewdrops0213 says:

    XD The teacher is probably used to weird randomness :3 I hate it when teachers do that. I stress and work so hard on something. “Oh its not due today” -0- Well at least we got it over with right 😛

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