Age in Friends?

Here’s my new topic of speculation- friends’ ages!

Some of my friends are younger than me, because I have a younger sister. I’m not as close to these people- my sister is closer. I hung around with them a lot more before than recently. Parties, “play-dates”, etc. Also, there are people I know because their parents are friends with my parents.

I find these friends fun and interesting, although if they were much younger, it would become tiring. On one hand, I love children. They’re adorable. On the other…. I don’t. They’re loud, annoying, and disrupting. It’s not their fault. They simply don’t know better. ANYWAYS, that has nothing to do with my friends who are younger. They’re only two years younger than me.

The sixth graders do sometimes say hi to me in the hallways. For three reasons. One, they mistake me for my sister. Two, they ask if I’m her older sister. Three, they actually know me (because they’re my sister’s friends). So I guess you could say I’m “popular” LOL JK.

I’m used to people who are only one year younger than me, because in dance and sports, some of the other people are in that age group.

I tend to like talking to people who are just a bit older than me. I’m not exactly sure why. I get tired of the ramblings and chatter in my grade. Shoes, recent “fads” (ex: dab), girls talking about clothes, etc.

I actually heard girls in my primetime talking today, saying…. “Oh, my mom’s going to take me on a $300 shopping spree soon. I literally have, like, no clothes!” and “My mom gave me $80 to buy clothes, but like, you can’t buy any clothes with only $80!”

Also, people constantly overlook their privileges. We were learning about how in the past, most Americans dropped out of school at our age to work hard to support their family. Someone in class said,”That would be so cool! I wish I could do that.” And people say those kinds of dumb things all the time!

Are. You. Freaking. Kidding me. There are people around the world who would love to be able to go to school, and you lightly brush off your privilege like that? Not only can we go to school, which not everyone can do, but we get a very good education! We learn at a very good school.

And then those idiots who say “fml” and “I hate my life” because they were opening their lockers and their pencil box fell or something. Like…. SERIOUSLY?!?!


I will be making another post someday about politics, and how different age groups talk about it. I’ll insert a link when it is finished.

So, I’ve overheard the high schoolers on the bus ACTUALLY HAVING A LOVELY, INTELLIGENT DEBATE/CONVERSATION. They were talking about abortion, racism, sexism, and Trump. And let me tell you- it was splendid. Unlike the useless chatter I hear from my grade all the time.


I become instantly even more awkward than i usually am, however, when talking to adults. I really liked my camp counselors (college students) at Sandy Hill, and I thought they were really cool. I also think some of my teachers are pretty cool, too. It’s just kinda awkward, you know…?

Okay, well that’s enough babbling for me. Your turn!

Please comment your opinion! What age group are some of your friends? What age group would you most likely connect with/want to be friends with? Who do you fit with?



22 thoughts on “Age in Friends?

  1. 🍁Boltie Crystal Blossom🍁 says:

    I find talking to adults rather comforting than talking to people in my grade for some reason LOL.
    And that’s actually true when people say I hate my life just for on little thing.
    it’s just a pencil pouch LOL

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  2. My friends are around half a year older than me, which I prefer. I do like being friends with younger people though, but the ones I know don’t say the things you just described 🙂 However for more the serious conversations, I like my older friends 🙂 x

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  3. A Musing Teen says:

    I love my friends of the same age group as me. The younger kids here are just plain snobby and arrogant, and its like they know life better than us. They think so. And the older kids, they are snobby because they actually do know life better than us. So I am actually stuck with the kids of my age, who I get along with easily!

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  4. Haha, I agree with the education and ‘I hate my life’ part.
    I get that sister thingy! My sister is six years older than me and all the teacher’s in my school are ‘Oh my god, you are *insert name here*’s sister? Ah, she was my darling. You both resemble so much.’ It can be really awkward at times xD

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  5. dewdrops0213 says:

    Mah grade but I have the talk of my older bro who is four years older. We talk about issues and crap. No girl in my grade would wanna. Talk bout that they likee songs drama shopping and thins I dont even relate to. I say I dont do that cause theyre so different. People I know complain about every stupid issue. I wanna have older friends. But I dont have any. I dont like younger people. Lol

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